SALON is an international design practice based in Istanbul and Los Angeles, developing projects within the fields of architecture, art, product design, interior design, urbanism, research and development. SALON is founded in 2010 by Alper Derinbogaz based on a co-creative state of mind.



Alper Derinboğaz

Alper Derinbogaz, winner of the German Design Award 2018, recognized as an “emerging and influential architect”. In his practice, he investigates the possibilities of physical environment through the potential relationships between space and time. His designs vary in scale from the museums to installations, his works mostly intend to uncover and question the essential elements of the given site and the theme.

Derinbogaz represented Turkey in the 14th Venice Architecture Biennale in its debut year of the Pavilion of Turkey in 2014.

He realized public space projects that incorporate new technologies at large scales. Three of his built works, Gate, Panorama and Augmented Structures were included in the Best Architecture of the Year Selection, and received the Arkitera Young Architect Award 2011. Alper Derinbogaz has gained many recognitions, awards and honours internationally including the A+ Architizer Award, the Plan Award for Innovative Architecture and German Design Award for his recent work.

He graduated from Istanbul Technical University (2005) and received the Fulbright Scholarship. He won the UCLA Graduate Award for his master’s studies that he completed in Architecture and Urbanism at the University of California, Los Angeles. He won prizes or performed as a jury member at international competitions. Derinbogaz founded the Salon in 2010 as an architecture practice.

Currently he heads the work of Salon and runs his architectural design studio at the ITU as a senior lecturer.

Named as a reference to the French term, Salon, meaning a gathering space for emerging ideas and criticism. Thus, we care about setting contemporary tectonics, re-thinking architecture as carefully curated ideas and moments. The spaces emerge from different aspects, scales and moments that surround them. Every involvement is an intervention. Hence comprehending the existing, expanding its merits and deficiencies architecture leads to redefine the living environment and fabricate novel, intensified experiences within them.

The new tools help us to rethink the borders between design and technology, art and architecture, physical space and users. We refine and create new hybrids out of the processes. Within this principle, SALON focuses on the activity of iterating from the physical outcome of research processes and discovering new ways of intervening to the environment.


The progress of design focuses on the activity of iterating, expanding or intensifying as a new way of intervening with the environment. The progressing relationship between design and technology develops new borders for the disciplines and what they might become in the future. Works combining different disciplines and new technologies together enable us to redefine the elements of space.